Data Privacy and Cybersecurity for Nonprofits: Understanding the Law and Best Practices

Data Privacy and Cybersecurity for Nonprofits: Understanding the Law and Best Practices

Every nonprofit, regardless of its size, collects, stores, and uses data.  But many organizations struggle with developing and maintaining strong data security practices and policies.  Whether you’re just starting to think about data privacy for the first time, or want an update on current best practices, this is a can’t-miss webinar!  Our expert speakers will discuss your legal obligations and risk and provide practical guidance.

Specific Topics will include:

  • Websites and Content: Using third party content; copyright basics and protecting your information; website terms of use; firewall & blocking websites (corporate security best practices).
  • Data Privacy: Defining personal information & sensitive personal information; defining consent; how to obtain consent; properly using personal information, and risks of using personal information without consent.
  • Cyber Security: Properly protecting company/personal information; password and access management; vulnerabilities; multilayer authentication; biometric authentication.
  • Social Media: Access controls (who can add content/remove); posting policy (including approval of comments); best practices/social media policies; employee usage policies.

Speakers:  Attorneys from IBM Corporation

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This webinar was offered in May 2018. Click below to access a replay of the webinar.

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